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Headphone Adapters

One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone is that the recessed headphone jack doesn’t allow you to use most non-Apple headphones.

While some people prefer Apple’s earbuds, others find them uncomfortable or want higher-end choices for better sound quality or noise-canceling features. Two products offer solid options for this dilemma.

Belkin iPhone Headphone Adapter

Belkin’s iPhone headphone adapter is a rugged plastic adapter that plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack, extends upwards a bit and offers a traditional headphone jack.

The product is low cost and focused on a single goal, which it manages to achieve. The only downside is that the hard plastic casing of the adapter does protrude from the top of the iPhone a bit, which can be prone to jabbing you in the leg if you have the iPhone in your pocket.

Griffin SmartShare and Headphone Adapter

The second option is Griffin’s SmartShare and Headphone Adapter. Griffin offers a standard adapter, but it is a cable-style adapter.

This makes the device much less rigid and bulky than the Belkin adapter (although that might make it more prone to damage over the long term).

The other unique advantage to the SmartShare is that it includes a headphone splitter attachment. This allows you to plug two sets of headphones into the iPhone which is useful if you’re traveling and want to share a movie with the person sitting next to you (although in other situations, two people watching a movie on the iPhone’s relatively small screen might not be practical).

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