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Leadership Versus Management

I conclude this chapter by asking an important question in a book on leadership: Is there a difference between management and leadership? Again, let us hear from Larry Bossidy, with whom I agree:

  • Yes there is. Management is the art of getting things done by using administrative skills to organize, plan, and execute. Leadership is all that, but it is also more motivational, more visionary, and it requires more in terms of personal attributes of the leader. In other words, management is administration, while leadership is vision, strategy, and motivation. Each requires a different set of attributes.

This does not mean that a manager cannot aspire to be a successful leader. In fact, most leaders began as managers somewhere in the organization. They were leaders then also, but they just didn’t have the platform. But to become an effective leader you have to transcend the requirements of management and demonstrate the attributes of a true leader.

It is the purpose of this book to help you do just that. I should clarify that my purpose is not to offer tools of the “one-minute manager” variety, but to build on the skills you already have and help you mature them by making you aware of how to use the principles of leadership in different contexts.

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