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1.5 Try-and-Buy Versions

A DB2 9.5 Try-and-Buy version allows you to try DB2 for an evaluation period of 90 days. DB2 will stop working after the 90 days unless you buy and apply the full license. Other than this time limitation, the Try-and-Buy version contains all the features of a fully licensed version. During or after the Try-and-Buy period you can buy a permanent license by calling 1-800-IBMSERV. An IBM representative will direct you to the License Key Center. Once you receive the license file, you can use it to upgrade the Try-and-Buy version to the fully licensed product level without reinstalling it. Use the following command from a command-line window to install the license file:

   db2licm -a file_name

where file_name stands for the name of the license file, which normally has a .lic extension.

Issuing the db2licm -l command lists the software products installed on your machine and the current license. After adding a full license, the Expiry Date field will have a value of Permanent. Chapter 3, Installing DB2, discusses more about the db2licm command and the License Center.

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