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Worry Less

The first thing that the people in this book did was reverse the worry cycle. They bit the bullet and went out on a limb in their careers—in little ways and in big ways. Gradually, as they took more responsibility, they started earning more money. As they made more money, their confidence grew; as their confidence grew, they took more responsibility and gradually made even more money. That’s the kind of cycle we all want to enact in our own lives.

So instead of complaining about your stagnant income, you can learn another way from the folks in this book. They can help inspire you to get out of the worry cycle and get into a success cycle where you see your income and confidence grow. If we’re able to implement some of these simple worry-less tips that we talk about throughout the book, then we’re more likely to be productive business people. Instead of always looking over our shoulder, we’re able to look forward and be productive.

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