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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

The Weather Channel

Weather (113, 5, 26)

Consisting of four unique regions, The Weather Channel SIMs include some of the most interactive activities found in any commercial property. Here you can surf, bike, and even ski through areas with the appropriate weather. All equipment rentals are free of charge—just make sure your virtual health insurance policy is taken care of before throwing yourself off a mountain. Let’s take a look at the four major regions located here at The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel Biking

Epic Conditions Bike SIM

Start here at the base of the mountain and look for the bike rental bunker. You can pick up a free bike and, of course, a helmet for safety. While I should probably tell you that in Second Life you don’t have to worry so much about injury, in this case the helmet just looks cool. Make your way up the mountain and test your skills on the many rock formations and jumps.

The Weather Channel Skiing

Epic Conditions Ski SIM

I suppose this trail is rated double black diamond because it’s one of the more difficult activities at The Weather Channel. If you somehow manage to stay on course and not fly off the mountainside as I did, then you just have the avalanches to worry about.

The Weather Channel Lobby

The Weather Channel HQ SIM

The main lobby is located by the default teleportation spot so it will most likely be the first thing you see after rezzing. You can hang out with other weather enthusiasts and view some of the free broadcasts from The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel Surfing

Epic Conditions Surf SIM

Catch a few waves or just relax on the beach in this region. On the beach you can also pick up a free surfboard at Sebastians’s Surf Shack. After you have, drop the board from your inventory and into the water. After the board appears, right click it and select “Jump On.” Use the arrow keys to reach the waves and then hang ten!

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