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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Shadow Copy: New File Recovery Feature

One of the new features in Vista is kind of like a mini time machine for single files. You can revert any file to the way it was in the past using a previously saved version, which is preserved by Vista (and uses technology from the System Restore feature).

This is handy if you accidentally overwrite a file's data with new data. Perhaps you were updating numbers in a spreadsheet, and you imported and saved data from a previous month by mistake, overwriting the data that was there.

Or maybe you were writing a report and the cat jumped up on the keyboard and somehow deleted a huge section of the file.

In either of these cases, you could revert to a version from yesterday or last week to recover a previous version of the file.

This would have been really useful when I was in college. There were a few times when I accidentally blew away essays and wished I could roll back the clock and get the data back.

  1. To restore a shadow copy, right-click on any file you have created and choose Restore Previous Versions (see Figure 9.4).
    Figure 9.4

    Figure 9.4 Restore your files to a previously saved version by right-clicking on it and choosing Restore Previous Versions.

  2. You'll see a list of all the saved versions of the file.
  3. Choose a version of the file you want to recover and click the Restore button (see Figure 9.5).
    Figure 9.5

    Figure 9.5 Choose a previous version of a file using the Shadow Copy feature and click to restore it.

  4. The file will be restored to the way it was in that version.
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