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Connecting to Windows

The second thing you will probably want to do with the machine is add a couple of essential services. The first service that you will want to install will provide you with the tools needed to connect to the shares on your Windows network. In Linux, these functions are provided by a package named Samba. To install this package, make sure you have a network connection and then open a terminal window using the Leaf icon — "Run Command" and typing in xterm. With xterm open, type "su root," which will cause the computer to prompt you for your root password. Type that in (assuming you set one up using the previous instructions) and then type "apt-get install smbfs." The computer will do a few things and in about a minute or two you should be back at the prompt again.

Now, to actually connect to another computer on your network, you will first have to create a Windows share on your other computer. This is fairly easy, and can be done by right clicking on the folder you want to share on your Windows system and enabling sharing. Once this is done, jump back to your gPC and type the following "mkdir /mnt/cdrive" (assuming you are sharing your C drive). Then type the following:

smbmount //<ip address or computer name>/<share name> /mnt/cdrive -o username=<username>

In my case, this equated to:

smbmount // /mnt/cdrive -o username=sfogie 

Once you hit enter, and assuming you have the share created correctly, you should see a password prompt. Enter the password and then type "ls /mnt/cdrive" to see what appears. If you did everything correctly, you should be rewarded with a list of the folders/files on your C drive. Now you can use the GUI file browser to open/adjust/delete files on your other networked computers! This is very handy if you have a lot of movies/mp3s on your main Windows computer that you want to watch/listen to on your new gPC.

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