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23 Windows Aero and Windows Flip

All editions of Windows Vista include a new look and functionality, as discussed earlier in #17, "New Look and Functionality." However, if you've chosen Home Premium or better and meet certain system requirements, the Windows Aero interface provides even more enhanced looks and features.

Figure 3.23 shows examples of some appearance enhancements of Windows Aero, such as the live thumbnails on the taskbar, task switch, and translucent title bars on opened windows.

Figure 3.23

Figure 3.23 Interface and appearance enhancements to this version of Windows.

  • 1.jpg Hover over applications for the live thumbnails.
  • 2.jpg Translucent title bars
  • 3.jpg Press Alt+Tab for live thumbnails of opened applications.

Another feature gained when using Windows Aero is Windows Flip 3D, which offers a method to quickly switch among opened windows and applications. As you can see in Figure 3.24, it gives you live images of the windows you can flip through.

Figure 3.24

Figure 3.24 Example of Flip 3D.

The old method of switching among applications using Alt+Tab is also enhanced by Windows Aero. Instead of just showing the icon and titles of opened windows, it also gives you a live thumbnail image. See Figure 3.23 for an example.

For more information on using Windows Flip 3D, see #94, "Change Windows Using Flip 3D."

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