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21 Instant Search and Internet Explorer 7

Windows Vista offers better searching methods than any other previous version of Windows. The Instant Search feature allows you to search through a prebuilt index or catalog of defined areas of your computer, such as documents, programs, email messages, web favorites, and history. This method allows for much quicker results. In fact, the new search features are so good, it's probable that you'll find what you are looking for before you're even done typing a keyword into the Search box.

You can use Instant Search via many locations and Windows applications, such as:

  1. Start menu
  2. Windows Explorer and Computer
  3. Windows Photo Gallery (see Figure 3.20)
    Figure 3.20

    Figure 3.20 Instant Search box in Photo Gallery.

    • 1.jpg Type your search terms here and press Enter.

For more information on using Instant Search, see #81, "Search from the Start Menu."

Internet Explorer 7 also offers a new search method, called Live Search, for Internet searching. This feature makes it possible to search many different search engines from one field (see Figure 3.21). Not only can you add popular general search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and so on), you can add virtually any website that has search functionality. This offers a very convenient way to search through your favorite sites.

Figure 3.21

Figure 3.21 Example of using Live Search in Internet Explorer 7.

For more information on using Live Search, see #95, "Add Providers to Live Search in Internet Explorer 7."

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