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Formatting Paragraphs

Visio lets you format paragraphs extensively. At first, you wouldn't think that Visio supports such advanced text formatting, but in fact, it's as good as a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

You can indent the first line of paragraph text, for example, specifying that indentation in inches. That gives an automatic paragraph indentation to your text.

You can also specify the amount of space before and after paragraphs in Visio. This space is measured in points (1/72nds of an inch).

Here's how to format paragraphs in Visio:

  1. Select the Text tool in the Standard toolbar.
  2. In a text block or text shape, select the text you want to format. If you want to format all the text in the text block or text shape, just select the text block or shape.
  3. Select Format > Text or right-click the text block and select Format Text. Visio displays the Text dialog.
  4. Click the Paragraph tab. Visio displays the Paragraph tab.
  5. Enter a value (in inches) in the Before Text, After Text, and First Line boxes to specify the paragraph's indentation. The Before Text and After Text boxes set the indentation of the paragraph as a whole, and the First Line box sets the indentation of the first line of the paragraph.
  6. Enter a value (in points) in the Before, After, and Line boxes to set the line and paragraph spacing. The Before and After boxes set the amount of space before and after the paragraph, and the Line box sets the vertical spacing of the lines in the paragraph.
  7. Click OK. Visio closes the Text dialog.

You can see a formatted paragraph in Figure 3.34.

Figure 3.34

Figure 3.34 A formatted paragraph.

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