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Creating Numbered Lists

Creating numbered lists is a little more difficult than simply creating bulleted lists in Visio. That's because Visio has no actual built-in support for numbered lists—but you can format and create them anyway.

Here are the steps to follow—first format the text that will go into a text block, giving it a list format:

  1. Select a text block.
  2. Select Format > Text or right-click the text block and select Format Text. Visio displays the Text dialog.
  3. Click the Text Block tab. Visio displays the Text Block tab, as shown in Figure 3.31.
    Figure 3.31

    Figure 3.31 Using the Text Block tab.

  4. Select Top in the Alignment box.
  5. Click the Paragraph tab. Visio displays the Paragraph tab, as shown in Figure 3.32.
    Figure 3.32

    Figure 3.32 Using the Paragraph tab.

  6. Select Left in the Alignment box.
  7. Enter a value, such as 0.25, in the Indentation Before Text box. This sets the left indent.
  8. Enter a value, such as -.25, in the Indentation First Line box. This gives you space to type the number before every item in the list.
  9. Click OK. Visio closes the Text dialog.

That sets up the formatting for the list.

Now you can create items in the list like this:

  1. Type the item's number, starting with 1.
  2. Press Tab.
  3. Enter the text for the item.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Repeat the process for the other items in the list.

You can see a sample numbered list in Figure 3.33.

Figure 3.33

Figure 3.33 A numbered list.

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