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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Configuring General Settings

To configure iPhone’s general settings, do the following:


  1. Move to the Settings screen and press General. The General screen appears.
  2. Press About. You see the About screen.
  3. Scroll up and down the screen to view its information, such as the network, number of songs, videos, and photos, memory, software, serial number, and so on.
  4. Press General to move back to the General screen.
  5. Press Auto-Lock. The Auto-Lock screen appears.
  6. Press the amount of idle time you want to wait before iPhone automatically locks. You can choose from 1 to 5 minutes; choose Never if you want to manually lock iPhone. I recommend that you keep Auto-Lock set to a relatively small value to conserve your iPhone’s battery.
  7. Press General.
  8. If you want a passcode to be required to unlock iPhone, press Passcode Lock. The Set Passcode screen appears.
  9. Enter a four-digit passcode.
  10. Re-enter the passcode. If the two passcodes match, you see the Passcode Lock screen.
  11. To require the passcode no matter how long iPhone has been locked, press Immediately; to set a 1-minute delay, press After 1 min. With a delay, if you accidentally lock iPhone and want to use it again, you can unlock it without a passcode as long as you do so within a minute or so.
  12. To hide previews of messages you receive while iPhone is locked, press Show SMS Preview ON. The setting becomes OFF, and iPhone no longer previews messages for you when it is locked.
  13. Press General. The General screen appears.
  14. Press Keyboard. The Keyboard screen appears.
  15. To prevent iPhone from automatically capitalizing as you type, press Auto-Capitalization ON. Its status becomes OFF, and iPhone no longer changes the case of letters as you type.
  16. To enable the Caps Lock key, press Enable Caps Lock OFF. The status becomes ON, and when the keyboard appears, you can use the Caps Lock key.
  17. Press General. You return to the General screen.
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