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Configuring iPhone's Settings

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Brad Miser explores the settings not related to specific iPhone functionality such as airplane mode, sound and screen settings, and some additional general settings.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

In this chapter, you’ll explore the settings not related to specific iPhone functionality. The topics include the following:

  • Accessing iPhone settings
  • Using Airplane mode
  • Monitoring usage
  • Configuring general sound settings
  • Setting screen brightness
  • Setting wallpaper
  • Configuring general settings

If you’ve read earlier chapters, such as the chapters on iPod or email functionality, you already have experienced configuring iPhone by using its Settings tool. Many of those settings relate directly to functionality discussed in other chapters. However, a number of iPhone settings are more general in nature, which is where this chapter comes into play.

Some examples of general settings you want to become familiar with include airplane mode (sets iPhone in “silent running” so that you can use iPod and other functions while you fly); sound settings (controls the noises iPhone makes); screen brightness (controls the brightness of the screen); and so on. While you might not use these functions everyday, they come in handy from time to time.

Accessing iPhone Settings

To get to iPhone’s settings, move to the Home screen and press the Settings button. The Settings screen appears; scroll to see and use all the settings available. The following sections describe various setting options and show you how to configure them.

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