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Becoming an Investing Shark

The first step in becoming an Investing Shark is to understand the dynamics that are at work in the stock market. One of the primary reasons many investors struggle is that they have common misconceptions about the stock market and how it functions.

Investors don’t really understand why stocks and markets move the way they do. They have incorporated the conventional thinking of the Wall Street Whales into how they think about the market. They fail to embrace the advantages that they possess over big funds and institutions. The first part of this book explores how Wall Street really operates and the thinking and theories that impact the market. A clear understanding of market dynamics will help you establish the thinking and theory behind Shark Investing. It also provides the foundation for developing an investing approach tailored to your unique circumstances.

Once you have mastered these concepts and have clarified how you think about the market, you can begin developing a Shark Investing strategy that is suitable for you. First we will discuss some basic Shark Investing concepts such as the use of charts (in Chapter 9) and a money management system (see Chapter 10, “Portfolio Management: The Key to Success”).

The best Shark Investing style depends on your particular abilities, desires, and circumstances. After you master the thinking and foundational concepts of Shark Investing, you can adapt them in a way that works best for you. We will explore different stylistic choices in Chapter 12, “Developing Your Inner Shark.”

As you commence your study of Shark Investing, keep one basic idea in mind: It is all about seizing control of your financial fate. Shark Investing requires that you spend some time and effort to understand it and apply it, but the rewards you gain for efforts can be life changing.

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