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The Results: A Signal/Noise Comparison

Since our slightly modified Wii antenna (Figure 4) fit perfectly into the SIM card slot, as you can see in Figure 5, there is little outward change (Figure 6). However, the results of this type of modification will be based upon performance. In Figures 7 and 8, you can see the Before and After shots of the signal/noise ratio of the iPhone. Whether it's because of a better antenna or a better placement, the results show that our modification did create a marginally stronger signal.

Regardless, we didn't like having the Wii antenna sticking out of the iPhone, so we reverted to the original.

Figure 4

Figure 4 Slightly modified Wii Antenna

Figure 5

Figure 5 Results with case off

Figure 6

Figure 6 Results with case on

Figure 7

Figure 7 Signal/noise before modification

Figure 08

Figure 8 Signal/noise after modification

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