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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Sample Response Files

The DB2 UDB CD-ROM includes a ready-to-use sample response file with default entries. For UNIX platforms, such as a Solaris operating environment, the sample response files are located in:


where /cdrom represents the path on which the CD-ROM file system is mounted.

There are three supplied sample response files: one for the Administration Client, one for the Application Developers Client, and the file for a server (ESE in our example).The db2ese.rsp file is provided for the installation of the server itself. A part of the db2ese.rsp file is shown in Figure 2.31.

02fig31.jpgFigure 2.31. The Supplied Sample db2ese.rsp Response File

You can copy the sample response file drive and modify the parameter values. See the section “Response File Keywords” in the DB2 online documentation for more information about editing the parameters in a response file.

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