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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Installed Directory Structure

DB2 UDB for Solaris operating environments is installed in the /opt/IBMdb2/Vv.r directory, where v.r represents the version and release level of DB2 UDB. The directory structure created under /opt/IBM/db2/V8.1 will be similar to Figure 2.29.

02fig29.jpgFigure 2.29. DB2 Installation Directory

When an instance is created, symbolic links are created under the home directory of the DB2 instance owner, in a directory called sqllib, as shown in Figure 2.30. These links point to the directory where DB2 UDB was installed, and the binaries for the memory model (32- or 64-bit) at this instance. The alternate fixpak capability will install a complete second set of binaries into a separate directory under /opt, and will allow an instance to be created with another set of applied maintenance.

02fig30.jpgFigure 2.30. Instance Home Directory with Links to Installed Binaries

DB2 software license installation is handled automatically when you install the DB2 UDB product from a CD-ROM using the DB2 Installer program. When you install DB2 UDB using native installation tools, such as the pkgadd command, you must use the db2licm command to register DB2 UDB as follows:

db2licm -a /cdrom/ese/db2/license/filename.lic

where /cdrom represents the CD-ROM mount directory and filename.lic represents the file containing valid license information (e.g., db2ese.lic for ESE). This is also how you would update a “trial license” to a full license without uninstalling and reinstalling DB2.

It is possible to install different versions of DB2 UDB products on the same UNIX server because the product files will be installed in a different path.

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