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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Managing the DB2 Profile Registry

There are some values in the DB2 Profile Registry that are applied globally for the system, some that are applied across database partitions if the database is partitioned, and some that are applied only for a particular instance. The DB2 Profile Registry is divided into four registries:

  • DB2 instance-level Profile Registry— The majority of DB2 UDB registry variables are placed within this registry. The variable settings for a particular instance are kept in this registry.

  • DB2 global-level Profile Registry— If a variable is not set for a particular instance, this registry is used. This registry contains machine-wide variable settings.

  • DB2 instance node-level Profile Registry— In a system where the database is divided across different database partitions, this registry resides on every database partition.

  • DB2 instance Profile Registry— This registry contains a list of all instance names recognized by this system.

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