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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

DB2 Profile Registry

Much of the DB2 UDB environment is controlled by entries stored in the DB2 Profile Registry. The objective of the Profile Registry is to consolidate the DB2 UDB environment; so, key controlling factors are centrally located and easily managed. Many registry values control DB2 interfaces or communication parameters; so, the variables set in the Profile Registry may vary by platform. The following are some of the parameters that may be set in the DB2 Profile Registry.

DB2CODEPAGE— This applies to all platforms. If not set, DB2 UDB will use the code page set for the OS.

DB2DBDFT— The default database for implicit connections.

DB2COMM— This applies to all DB2 UDB servers that participate in a client/server environment. It specifies which DB2 UDB communication listeners are started with DB2 UDB.

The primary purpose of a registry is to allow you to make environmental changes without rebooting.

For a complete list of parameters and values, refer to the DB2 online documentation for Registry Variables, as shown in Figure 2.34.

02fig34.jpgFigure 2.34. Registry Variable Documentation

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