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Like this article? We recommend

Information Warfare (0 or 1, Dead or Alive)

Information has a different meaning when it comes to waging wars: It means survival and successful outcome. Given the fact that every country relies on machines in order to function, it is no wonder why the battles of today started on the Internet.

In the digital age, enemies convey well-planned propaganda against each other with the purpose of convincing the opposition to give up. This is achieved though a set of strategically delivered information that could be misleading but is also primarily designed to dis-inform.

This information is also very often designed to promote specific objectives and attack the internal information system of the opposition.

Information warfare is also about securing information flows and the systems that rely on it. Any glitch in the information streams could lead to disaster. The unavailability of the banking system could lead to panic, which easily might turn into civil wars within the opposing countries.

This is where Black Public Relation practices combine with the power of the black-hat hacker elite and turn into the cleverest tools for conducting wars without loss.


To sum up, information is the most essential primitive we have to learn to live with. But we must also be very careful when dealing with it.

Information is sometimes designed to dis-inform; it is sometimes designed to manipulate our thinking. It is a tool and an expansive asset. It can be used for good and bad, although as a security expert I see more of the latter.

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