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SQLXML provides a veritable treasure trove of XML-enabled features for SQL Server. You can parse and load XML documents, query them using XPath syntax, query database objects using XPath, and construct templates and mapping schemas to query data. You can use OPENXML, updategrams, and XML Bulk Load to load data into SQL Server via XML, and you can use FOR XML to return SQL Server data as XML. You can access SQL Server via HTTP and SOAP, and you can return XML data to the client via both SQLOLEDB and SQLXMLOLEDB. You can translate a rowset to XML on the server as well as on the client, and you can control the format the generated XML takes through a variety of mechanisms. And when you run into a couple of the more significant limitations in the SQLXML technologies, you can use the sp_xml_concat and sp_run_xml_proc stored procedures presented in this chapter to work around them.

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