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This chapter is from the book

Essential point: You can get started now

No additional preparation is required to get started. You need not even finish every chapter in this book before you use outside-in development techniques on your product.

Carl often reminds his teams, “On the way into work in the morning, no one says ‘I think I’ll do mediocre work today, maybe make life difficult for my clients, and not really focus on helping them benefit from my product.’ ”

Seem like a silly reminder to you?

It isn’t.

At least not until every member of your team says, “I’m going to do great work today, make it easy for people to work with my product, and definitely focus my efforts on what it takes for my clients to be heroes!”

This kind of thinking won’t happen magically.

But it will happen.

You just need a framework, a way of thinking about things, and some techniques.

Jump in now; there’s no time to waste. You have winning products to deliver.

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