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The Salesperson

The salesperson sells computer networking hardware and services, and often needs access to configuration tools when on a sales call.


  • Convertible style Tablet PC—This style of Tablet PC is ideal for high text demands.

  • Bluetooth adapter—This is necessary for data communication with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • Bluetooth mobile phone—This can be connected to the Tablet PC to enable wireless Internet access.

  • Microsoft Office 2003—The salesperson uses this to prepare documents and email.

  • Microsoft OneNote—This program is great for creating free-form notes and for brainstorming.

  • FranklinCovey TabletPlanner—This program is used for time and task management.

Value Proposition

The Tablet PC enables the salesperson to access product information, a configuration tool, spreadsheets, and anything else she needs—all while on the road, giving her more face time with clients.

Day in the Life

The salesperson arrives at the office, Tablet PC in hand. She has a busy day ahead of her, but has an early meeting at the office, where she takes notes using her Tablet PC. After the meeting, she catches up on email and administrative issues, and then heads to her car with just her Tablet PC.

When she arrives at her first appointment of the day, at the headquarters of a pharmaceutical company, she meets with her client, who is ready to upgrade part of his network. She can guide him in the purchasing process through her knowledge, and by quickly finding specifications from her complete product line on her Tablet PC. She recommends a particular server and integration services, and he looks over the specifications. She connects to the client's Bluetooth printer with her Tablet PC and prints the specifications and quotation right then, saving a day's lag time while she's out of the office. Because she has access to her company's custom configuration tool through secure wireless Internet access, she is assured that the solution she is selling will work great for her client.

When she leaves the company's office, order in hand, it is an hour later, and she heads for her second appointment across town. While on her way, she gets a call from another client asking for a rush order of a network switch to replace the one that just died. She pulls over into a parking lot. The salesperson says she'll get something quick, hangs up, connects her Tablet PC to the office via her Bluetooth phone connection, and checks inventory of networking switches. She does not have any of the specific model in stock, so she checks her distributor's inventory. They have one, and she places the order, confirming same-day delivery via a courier service. Because the distributor is only an hour away, the switch will arrive at her client's in two hours, allowing time for order processing.

She calls her client back, tells him the switch is on its way, and asks if she can have a loaner delivered immediately to get users back on the network. He says he has an older hub that he is using for now, so he can get by until the switch arrives in two hours. He thanks her for her responsiveness and promises to write a glowing testimonial about her service.

Summary of Benefits



Wireless networking

Enables wireless access to information

Bluetooth adapter and phone

Allows connectivity to other devices

FranklinCovey Tablet Planner

Keeps life organized

Digital document readers

Keeps all reading and sales materials in one place

Microsoft Office 2003

Aids in business-document creation

Microsoft OneNote

Enables the creation of free-form notes to capture the essence of a meeting

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