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More Power

One limitation of Recovery Console commands is the lack of wildcards allowed, but if you install RC to disk you can use Group Policy to improve that situation:

  1. Click Start, Run, type mmc in the text box, and click OK.

  2. From the File menu, choose Add/Remove Snap-in/Add, and then click the Add button in the dialog box.

  3. Click Group Policy, Add.

  4. Click Local Computer, Finish, and then click Close followed by OK to return to Recovery Console.

  5. Find the Local Computer Policy object at this location:

  6. Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options
  7. Highlight Security Options in the Console pane. This action displays policies in the Details pane.

  8. In the Details pane, double-click Recovery Console: Allow Floppy Copy and Access to All Drives and Folders Policy.

  9. Click Enabled and then click OK.

  10. Now you can change environment settings with the set command, using set variable = TRUE (or FALSE). There must be a space on both sides of the equals sign. You can set any of the following:

  11. AllowAllPaths = TRUE
    AllowWildCards = TRUE
    AllowRemovableMedia = TRUE
    NoCopyPrompt = TRUE
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