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You don't have to be trapped using the standard page and Web site templates. Even a canned template can be dressed up and saved as something unique, to be used later on your own sites. If you're not of an artistic bent or want to include other advanced elements on your site without the hassle, you can find thousands of FrontPage templates on the Web.

To modify a page template, do the following:

  1. Create a page using a page template.

  2. Make the desired changes to the page.

  3. Choose File, Save As. The Save As dialog box opens.

  4. Click the Save As Type down arrow and choose FrontPage Template from the drop-down list that appears.

  5. Give the template a new name.

  6. Click Save. The Save As Template dialog box opens.

  7. In the Title field, type a title for your template.

  8. In the Description field, type a brief summary of your template.

  9. Click OK.

The new template will appear in the My Templates tab of the Page Templates dialog box when you create a new page.

If you want to create an entirely new page template, simply create a page containing any elements you wish, then follow steps 3–9 in the preceding list.

Finding More Templates Online

Additional FrontPage templates may be found on the Internet. A good one-stop shopping site is FrontPage World (http://www.frontpageworld.com). This site contains tons of templates, with links to sites containing even more. If you look at these sites hard enough, you can sometimes find a free gem or two, but you should generally expect to pay for templates you find online. Most of them range in price from $15–$30, depending on the features of the template. Templates containing Flash or Swish elements can cost upwards of $50.

FrontPage also enables you to access additional page templates directly from Microsoft. To access more templates from Microsoft, do the following:

  1. Choose File, New. The New task pane opens.

  2. From the Templates section, choose Templates on Office Online. The Microsoft Office Online Web page opens.

  3. In the blank search box, type FrontPage and press Enter.

  4. The search is initiated; when it is complete, all the available FrontPage Web page templates are listed.

  5. Select the hyperlink to the desired template, and then follow Microsoft's instructions to download it.


Flash is a multimedia graphics application developed by Macromedia. Flash files are saved with a .swf extension and can contain graphics, text, video, sound, and interactive elements. Swish is another application that can create .swf files, and is particularly popular with FrontPage developers. Chapter 8, "Adding Multimedia," has more details about this powerful addition to your site.

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