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Creating New Files in the Files Panel

You can create new files and new folders right in the Dreamweaver Files panel. Right-click (Control+click on the Mac) in the Files panel to open the Files panel menu. This context menu, shown in Figure 3.10, has two commands of interest at the top: New File and New Folder. You'll use those commands to create files and folders (also called directories) in the Files panel.

Figure 3.10Figure 3.10 The Files panel context menu contains commands to create new folders (directories) and files in a Web site.

The Web sites you create will need directories, and probably every site will have an images directory for all the images in the site. Create an images directory by using the New Folder command. An untitled folder is added to your site. Give this folder the name images. You need to be careful about what is selected when you select the New Folder command so that you do not nest the folder within another folder. To add a folder at the site root, select the top line, which begins with the word Site.

Now try adding a new file to your site. Right-click (or Control+click) on the root folder, the top line in the Files panel, which lists the name of the site, and select the New File command. A new untitled Web page is created in the Web site. Title the Web page index.htm, which is one of the popular default page names for many servers. Using the default page name enables the user to find your page more easily by just entering a basic Web page address without the specific page appended. Another common default page name is index.html. Both the .htm and the .html file extensions are acceptable. The .htm file extension became popular because the older versions of Microsoft Windows could only handle three- character file extensions; this is no longer a limitation in newer versions of Windows. After you add the new folder and a new file, the site should look as shown in Figure 3.11.

Figure 3.11Figure 3.11 You can add files and folders in Dreamweaver's Files panel.

Name Files Consistantly

I think it's a good idea to name everything with lowercase letters. Some servers and scripting languages are case-sensitive. When you name everything with lowercase letters, you don't need to remember whether you used uppercase letters.

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