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Morphix 0.4 GNOME

There are a couple of big differences between Morphix (see Figure 5) and the other distributions discussed here. First, it's officially beta software. Second, several versions of Morphix are available, including GNOME-based and KDE-based versions, and a Linux gaming version with demo versions of Unreal Tournament 2003 and Quake III. For this review, I tested the GNOME version.

Figure 5Figure 5 The Morphix desktop.

From the boot screen to the GNOME desktop, Morphix is a very nice-looking distribution. The core of Morphix is based on Knoppix, and the ease of use really carries through, with flawless hardware detection and video performance. Mozilla is the only web browser included, and Nautilus provides a very nice file manager interface. OpenOffice.org is present, and a good assortment of multimedia and graphics applications are included. The Evolution mail client deserves special mention. If you like Microsoft Outlook, you'll feel right at home using Evolution.

Morphix does have a few bugs to work out before it reaches a 1.0 release, but if you want to experiment with GNOME in a live CD environment Morphix may be the solution for you.

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