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The Executive

The executive runs a medium-size product-oriented company. She travels often and spends a fair amount of time in meetings. She is comfortable with technology, but really likes the pen interface on the Tablet PC.


  • Convertible style Tablet PC—This style of Tablet PC is ideal for high text demands.

  • Noise-canceling headset—Using this type of headset makes using the Tablet PC's speech-recognition features much easier.

  • Bluetooth adapter—This is necessary for data communication with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • Bluetooth mobile phone—This can be connected to the Tablet PC to enable wireless Internet access.

  • Microsoft Office 2003—The executive uses this to prepare documents and email.

  • Microsoft OneNote—This program is great for creating free-form notes and for brainstorming.

  • FranklinCovey TabletPlanner—This program is used for time and task management.

  • Microsoft eBook Reader—This program can be used to read electronic periodicals and other documents on the Tablet PC.

  • Windows Journal—This program is ideal for taking notes and sketching ideas.

Value Proposition

The executive spends a fair amount of time in meetings, yet is mobile as well. Access to information at any time is important for decision making, so the wireless network access and the integration with a cellular phone for Internet access is important. The lightweight and natural input capabilities of the Tablet PC make it a winner for the executive.

Day in the Life

The executive logs on to email over breakfast in the morning via a wireless link to her Internet router. Her schedule reminds her of her son's game that night, and she tells him she intends to be there to cheer him on.

After saying goodbye to her family, the executive heads for the office, where she immediately prepares fore the first meeting of the day. When she gets to the office, her Tablet PC connects to the wireless office LAN (after she enters the required password for security). The presentation she worked on last night is uploaded to her assistant, who checks it for accuracy and fills in any gaps.

When the executive gets to her first meeting, she turns her Tablet PC into a slate format device for taking notes. Although someone else records the meeting, the executive can take notes and sketch ideas directly on the Tablet PC with a pen.

After the meeting, the executive saves her Microsoft OneNote notes, which are synchronized automatically with her network file store. This enables the executive's assistant to turn notes into text, refine the sketches, and return the information to the executive without the need for explicit data transfers and communication.

The executive then checks her TabletPlanner for the tasks for the day and begins working on her highest priority item—a presentation for a new product launch that afternoon. She looks in the file store on her machine, and finds that the presentation she worked on last night has been updated by her assistant while the executive was in the meeting. She looks the presentation over, thanks her assistant for the extra slides she didn't think about, and runs through the presentation a couple times before heading for the airport.

The executive checks off the task in TabletPlanner and then moves to her next item—some reading. The executive's assistant found some articles of interest, highlighted the pertinent parts, and dropped them in the executive's Reading folder on her Tablet PC. Because the articles are in Acrobat format, the executive can read the articles directly on her Tablet PC while riding to the airport.

Once at the airport, she checks in, and then connects to the airport's wireless network (she has an account because she frequents the airport). When she is connected, she checks her email, where she finds some last-minute statistics and information on competing products that will help her in her presentation later that day. Because the executive will be traveling only for the day, she carries only her Tablet PC case, complete with extra batteries (charged, of course). The executive can use her Tablet PC in line, on the plane, and in the taxi more effectively than any laptop. The pen-based input makes the Tablet PC more effective in confined spaces.

After her presentation and the lauds of the crowd at the announcement of her company's newest product, she flies back home and heads for her son's game.

Summary of Benefits



Wireless networking

Enables wireless access to information while on the move

Bluetooth adapter and phone

Enables on-the-go data communications

FranklinCovey TabletPlanner

Keeps life organized

Digital document readers

Keeps all reading materials in one place

Microsoft Office 2003

Aids in business-document creation

Microsoft OneNote

Enables the creation of free-form notes to capture the essence of a meeting

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