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Usage Scenarios

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The Family

Although not just an individual, this role will help you understand how each person in the family can benefit from a Tablet PC.


  • Slate style Tablet PC—This Tablet PC design is great for mobility around the house.

  • Pocket PC—This device allows for highly portable data.

  • Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks—Use this for video chats.

  • Logitech Cordless Freedom Headset—This headset can be used for online voice chatting and video conferencing.

  • Microsoft Office 2003—Each member of the family can use this to prepare documents and email.

  • FranklinCovey TabletPlanner—This program is used for time and task management.

  • Windows Messenger—This program can be used for online chats.

  • Zinio Reader—Families can use this program to read electronic periodicals.

  • MasterCook—This menu-planning software can help keep the pantry and fridge stocked.

Value Proposition

The Tablet PC enables around-the-house information access when coupled with a wireless network. The Tablet PC's versatility allows it to be used as easily for menu planning and recipes as for writing term papers and surfing the Web wirelessly.

Day in the Life

When everyone comes downstairs for breakfast, the Tablet PC is poised on the kitchen counter, and each member of the family uses it to check his or her schedule for the day. The teenage son reminds his parents that he will need a ride to his friend's house that night, but that the time has changed. He makes a quick change in TabletPlanner.

After everyone checks their schedules, the father picks up the Tablet PC and clicks on the link for today's paper, which was automatically downloaded that morning. He notices an article about his favorite stock, and decides to buy more later that morning. He sets a reminder to do so over lunch.

After the father, the teenage son, and the middle school girl go to work and school, the mother retrieves the Tablet PC and checks her email. She carries the Tablet PC to the den, where she docks it in the docking station, providing a keyboard for easier input. After corresponding briefly with friends, she opens MasterCook and plans the week's meals. When she finishes, she transfers the grocery list to her Pocket PC. The mother then goes to her small business's Web site and is pleased to see several orders for her product. She shoots off an email to her supplier and gets a quick confirmation that the products will ship that day. Done with the morning's duties, the mother leaves the Tablet PC behind and heads for the grocery, Pocket PC in hand.

When the kids come home that afternoon, the teenage son gets on the Tablet PC to play a game online with some friends for an hour. Then the middle school girl takes the Tablet PC to her room, where she connects the Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks and fires up Windows Messenger for an online chat with her friend. Because they can both see what the other is doing, their endless phone call is like having a best friend in the next room.

Eventually, the video conference ends and she takes the Tablet PC back down to the den, where she docks it and gets ready to write a paper that was assigned a week ago (and that she has only one more night to complete). But then the mother asks for the Tablet PC, because she needs it for a recipe and for a chat with her mother.

The mother stands the Tablet PC on the counter, Web cam still attached, and opens her recipe for the evening meal. While she does so, she also launches a chat session with her mother, connecting via video as usual. After confirming the instructions for her husband's favorite recipe, the mother talks to her mother while she cooks, the Logitech Cordless Freedom wireless headset providing freedom during her cooking.

After dinner, the father takes his son to his friend's house, while the middle school girl finishes her paper in record time, researching her topic online.

The day ends, and the Tablet PC is put back in its docking station to rest for the night after a full day of helping the family. At 6:00 am the next morning, the Tablet PC wakes with the rest of the family, ready to provide information and communication services to all.

Summary of Benefits



Web camera

Enables users to connect to others virtually

Cordless headset

Enables users to roam free while chatting

Wireless networking

Provides access to information throughout the house

Microsoft Office 2003

Aids in creating documents

FranklinCovey TabletPlanner

Keeps life organized

Digital document readers

Keeps all reading materials in one place

Menu planning software

Organizes recipes

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