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Reading Messages

The messages you receive are initially stored in your Mailbox folder. New messages are displayed in bold. Here's how to read a message:

  1. Click the Mailbox folder to display a list of the messages you have received.

  2. Double-click the desired message, or highlight the message and press Enter.

The message opens for you to read. Note that the message's sender (if it was sent from within your GroupWise system) is able to see the "opened" status of your message. Message status is discussed in Chapter 5.


Use QuickViewer to quickly read several messages in succession. To activate QuickViewer, click View, QuickViewer. A third pane opens at the bottom of the GroupWise window and displays the contents of the messages as they are selected, as shown in Figure 3.8.

Figure 3.8Figure 3.8 QuickViewer displays the contents of the messages in a third pane.


The Personalize tab that is present when you are reading a received message allows you to change the Subject line of the message to one that you select. Enter a new subject in the My Subject field and click Close. My Subject is discussed further in Chapter 8.

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