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JavaDB: Sun Microsystems’ Derby distribution

On the Sun Microsystems web site JavaDB is described as Sun’s distribution of the Derby database. In spite of its small size (2MB), Derby is fully transactional, secure, easy to use, standards-based—SQL, JDBC API, and J2EE. Derby can be embedded in an application so that the latter (in some sense) becomes its own server.

The level of commitment that Sun Microsystems is making to JavaDB can be gauged by the extent to which it is being packaged across the various product ranges.

JavaDB is currently included as part of the J2SE JDK and Java Enterprise System—JavaDB is the Application Server developer database, as well as the Portal Server and Service Registry data stores. JavaDB is also supported by NetBeans 5.0, Java Studio Enterprise, and Java Studio Creator.

JavaDB is packaged as the out-of-the-box development database in the Sun Java Application Server PE 8.2 as well as the open community Glassfish implementation.

I guess it won’t be too long before we see Derby appearing in the J2ME area as well. It might take a little longer because mobile computing devices are perhaps a little squeezed for space at the moment. Given this, it’s probably fair to say that you’ll be hearing a lot more about Derby in the future—and not just from me!

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