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A Multiplier

Network orchestration is a multiplier that increases the reach and effectiveness of the organization. It is not a replacement for sound planning and control processes that multinational corporations currently use. These processes are still needed within the organization, and some of them do not have to be changed dramatically for a networked world. Network orchestration extends standard business processes to a broader network, but also requires skills that are distinctive to network orchestration. By doing so, it magnifies the reach and impact of the organization, and increases its flexibility.

This broader network allows the firm to connect to the capabilities it needs (or those its customers need), wherever they are in the world. Whereas competitive advantage once was defined largely by the capabilities the company directly developed and owned, now it depends on the capabilities inside as well as those capabilities outside that the company can connect to. But to connect to these outside resources and capabilities efficiently and effectively, the firm needs a new capability: network orchestration.

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