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The Other XML File

The installer shown in Figures 1 through 9 is additionally controlled by a second XML file (called build.xml) in the demo\installer folder. This file defines the project targets; that is, "default", "tgdoc", "tgsrc", and "cleanuptarget", respectively.

Listing 2 illustrates the definition of the target "tgdoc".

Listing 2 The "tgdoc" target

   <target name="tgdoc" depends="">
     <echo message="Installing documentation files"/>
     <mkdir dir="${installDir}/doc"/>
     <copy todir="${installDir}/doc" overwrite="true">
        <fileset dir="${basedir}/temp/doc"/>

Examining the target in Listing 2 indicates that first a message is displayed (you can see this message by clicking the Show Details button shown in Figure 8).

Next, a folder is created into which the associated documentation component details are stored. A file copy directive then follows—notice that this operation overwrites any pre-existing content in this folder.

And that’s pretty much it. Other targets are fairly similar in structure.

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