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Sharing Notes

Another nice feature of Google Notes is that you can use it as a collaboration tool. That is, you can share a notebook with other users, and let them add their own notes and comments.

To share a notebook, select the notebook and then click the Sharing Options link. When the Sharing Options page appears, as shown in Figure 12.9, enter the email addresses of those with whom you wish to share. When you click the Save Settings button, those users will receive email invitations to share the notebook, along with links to the notebook itself. (You have the opportunity to add a personal message to the invitation.)

Figure 12.9

Figure 12.9 Sharing a notebook with others.

By default, a shared notebook is a private document, accessible only by those you invite. If you wish instead to make your notebook a public web page, click the Publish This Notebook option. This expands the Sharing Options page to include a second invitation text box, along with the URL of the shared notebook page. When you make your notebook public, users you invite can view the notebook content, but not edit it. (Unless they've been separately invited to collaborate, of course.) Such a publicly shared notebook is shown in Figure 12.10; it looks a little like a blog.

Figure 12.10

Figure 12.10 A Google Notebook made public.

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