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Adding Notebook Content

The key to getting the most out of Google Notebook is adding content to a notebook. You use notebooks to organize your notes—in the form of web page content, links, and your own hand-typed comments.

Creating a New Notebook

To create a new notebook, click the New button in the Notebooks panel. This opens a blank notebook with the name "Notebook 1." Place your cursor in this text box, type a new name for your notebook, then click OK. Your new empty notebook now appears in the main section of the page, waiting for you to enter new notes.

Adding a New Section

One or two notes in a notebook are easy enough to navigate, but when you start adding a lot of notes, it gets a bit cumbersome to later find the information you want. For this reason, Google Notebook lets you organize each notebook into multiple sections; think of a section as a file folder in a filing cabinet.

To create a new section in a notebook, click the Add Section link at the top of the notebook contents. This creates a section header, with the name Section 1, as shown in Figure 12.3. Enter a name for the new section, then click OK. Your new section is now added to the notebook; add as many sections as you like.

Figure 12.3

Figure 12.3 Adding a new section to a notebook.

Adding a New Note

To add a new note to a notebook, click the New Note button to display the Type Here section, shown in Figure 12.4. Position your cursor within this section and start typing; the section changes to a note box, like the one in Figure 12.5. You can enter as much text as you like; the note is complete when you stop. You can add more text to any note at any time by positioning your cursor within the note box and typing some more.

Figure 12.4

Figure 12.4 Getting ready to add a new note.

Figure 12.5

Figure 12.5 Entering new note text.

To format the text in a note, use the formatting controls at the top of the notebook pane. You can create bold, italic, or colored text; you can also change the font and the text size for selected text.

You can also insert web links into a note, by clicking the Link button. This displays the Edit Link box, as shown in Figure 12.6. Enter the text you want displayed for the link, then the link URL. Click OK when you are done.

Figure 12.6

Figure 12.6 Adding a web link to a note.

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