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This chapter is from the book


The Workshop includes quiz questions that are designed to help you test your understanding of the material covered and activities to help put what you've learned to practice. You can find the answers to the questions in the section immediately following the quiz.


  1. When you're sorting by more than one field, the order in which the fields appear on the query grid is important (True/False).

  2. Access is case-sensitive, so you must be careful to enter criteria in the correct case (True/False).

  3. Placing criteria on one line of the query grid creates an And condition (True/False).

  4. What does the query expression 2/*/2003 return?

  5. What type of condition do you create by placing criteria on different lines of the query grid?

Quiz Answers

  1. True.

  2. False. Access is not case-sensitive.

  3. True.

  4. All entries in February 2003.

  5. You get an Or condition.


Open an existing query. Add some fields to it. Change the sort order. Change the criteria. Run the query several times and see how the results change as you change the sort order and the criteria. Modify the appearance of the datasheet. Save the query and then print the query results. Close the query and then reopen it. Run the query and notice that the changes you made to the datasheet are saved with the query.

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