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Designing GUI Applications with Windows Forms

Learn to use the rich set of controls in the .NET Compact Framework, including the DataGrid control, the TreeView, and other advanced Windows controls.
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In this Chapter

  • Unsupported Controls

  • Working with the Visual Studio .NET Form Designer

  • Working with the Form Control

  • Working with Windows Forms Controls

  • In Brief

The .NET Compact Framework provides a rich functionality for building graphical user interfaces for your application. However, this functionality is a subset of what the full .NET Framework supplies. Before we instigate the controls that the .NET Compact Framework supports, let's investigate what is missing.

Investigating Unsupported Controls in the .NET Compact Framework

The .NET Compact Framework provides a subset of the controls available on the full .NET Framework.

The following list contains the controls that are not supported on the .NET Compact Framework.

  • CheckedListBox

  • ColorDialog

  • ErrorProvider

  • FontDialog

  • GroupBox

  • HelpProvider

  • LinkLabel

  • NotificationBubble

  • NotifyIcon

  • All Print controls

  • RichTextBox

  • Splitter

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