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Embedding YouTube Videos on Your Web Page or Blog

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Did you know that you can display any YouTube video on your own web page or blog? It's actually quite easy, as you'll learn from YouTube 4 You author Michael Miller.
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From the author of

One of the things that make YouTube a great video sharing community is that any user can display any YouTube video on his own web page or blog. You don’t even have to host the video; just embed a pointer to the video in your page’s HTML, and YouTube automatically feeds the video to anyone visiting your page.

How do you do this? It’s as easy as cutting and pasting a line or two of HTML. Read on to learn more.

Linking to a YouTube Video

Before we get to embedded videos, let’s look at an even easier way. You can reference a YouTube video from your web page or blog—by linking to it. Every YouTube video has its own unique URL; you can copy and paste this URL into email messages, blog postings, or your own web page.

You can find a video’s link URL by opening the video viewing page on YouTube and then clicking the More Info link in the description box underneath the video. The URL, not surprisingly, is the bit of code in the URL box.

To insert a YouTube video link into an email message or blog post, simply copy the URL from the video page and paste it into the body of your message or post. Anyone reading your message or post can click the link and be taken to the video viewing page on the YouTube site.

To insert the link into a web page, copy it from the video page and then insert it into your page’s underlying HTML code, surrounded by the appropriate link tag. The resulting code should look something like this:

Click <a href="http//:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12345">here</a> to view my YouTube video.

Naturally, you'll want to replace the href link with the URL from the video you’re linking to. When visitors click the link in the text, they’re taken to that video’s YouTube page.

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