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About the Authors

Nicholas O'Donnell has worked in the Enterprise Server Products (ESP) group at Sun for three years, developing software on the HPC ClusterTools products and, in the last year, working on Sun Fire server security.

He has over eight years experience with administration and development in such diverse areas as hand-written recognition systems for mail transports, web development at an Internet startup, and working for several major merchant banks on Wall Street.

Alex Noordergraaf has over ten years experience in the areas of computer and network security. As the Security Architect of the Enterprise Server Products (ESP) group at Sun Microsystems, he is responsible for providing technical leadership to define the security of Sun's next generation servers while addressing security for current products. He is the driving force behind the very popular freeware Solaris Security Toolkit. Prior to his role in ESP, he was a Senior Staff Engineer in the Enterprise Engineering (EE) group of Sun Microsystems, where he developed, documented, and published security best practices through the Sun BluePrints program. Published topics include: Sun Fire 15K system security, secure N-tier environments, Solaris OE minimization, Solaris OE network settings, and Solaris OE security. He has co-authored the following Sun BluePrint books: Securing Systems with the Solaris Security Toolkit, Enterprise Security Solaris Operating Environment, Security Journal, and Jumpstart Technology-Effective Use in the Solaris Operating Environment.

Prior to his role in EE, he was a Senior Security Architect with Sun Professional Services where he worked with many Fortune 500 companies on projects that included security assessments, architecture development, architectural reviews, and policy/procedure review and development. He developed and delivered an enterprise security assessment methodology and training curriculum to be used worldwide by SunPS. His customers included major telecommunication firms, financial institutions, ISPs, and ASPs. Before joining Sun, Alex was an independent contractor specializing in network security. His clients included BTG, Inc. and Thinking Machines Corporation.

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