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Hosting Your File

Now we are ready to upload the Product Catalog.fp7 file to the Database Server.

  1. Navigate to the Administration: Databases screen in the Admin Console.
  2. Select Upload from the Actions menu and click the Perform Action button.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Upload Database Assistant to select the Product Catalog.fp7 file and upload it to the server (see Figures 5.10 through 5.14).
    Figure 5.10

    Figure 5.10 After launching the Upload Assistant, click the Add Database button.

    Figure 5.11

    Figure 5.11 You will be asked to select a database to upload.

    Figure 5.12

    Figure 5.12 After the database is selected, it will appear in the list. Click the Next button to upload the file.

    Figure 5.13

    Figure 5.13 You can opt to open the file after upload, or not. Note that the fmapp extended privilege will be added to the Full Access privilege set if it is not enabled for any privilege sets.

    Figure 5.14

    Figure 5.14 Success! The Product Catalog file was uploaded and is showing an OK status in the Upload Databases Summary dialog box.

After this process is completed, you should see the Product Catalog.fp7 file in the list of databases.

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