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Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker 9: Configuring the Server(s)

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Learn how to install, deploy, and configure FileMaker Server on one or more machines.
This chapter is from the book


  • Introduction
  • Overview of Machine Configuration Options
  • Installing and Configuring FileMaker Server
  • Testing Your Installation
  • Hosting Your File
  • PHP Site Assistant


In Chapter 1, "How Web Publishing Works," I recommended that you rent a web server when you are getting started with web publishing. If you really want the behind-the-scenes stuff to be taken care of by experts, you can take things one step further and rent a web server that specifically supports FileMaker hosting.

These specialized types of hosting companies are referred to as "FileMaker Hosting Providers." Because they are not as common as typical web hosting providers, they can be a bit more expensive. However, using a FileMaker Hosting Provider has a couple of big advantages:

  • You don't have to buy the FileMaker Server (FMS) software.
  • You don't have to worry about administering the server machine.
  • Their uptime and performance will probably be better than anything you could provide with your own machine.

This is a great option for people who just want to create files, upload them, and forget about it. However, if you are more hands-on and want to get under the hood, you probably ought to pony up for FMS and maintain your own machine (or machines, as we'll see shortly).

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