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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


Buying/Information Resources



At Amazon.com-powered egghead.com, check out a wide selection of Egghead products. Browse by category, check out some great deals, or view the list of 100 top electronics devices.

Gadget Boy Gazette


Read reviews of consumer electronic and personal computing products as tested by syndicated columnist Stephen Jacobs, a.k.a. Gadget Boy.

Computer Companies: Hardware and Software

Apple Computer Home Page


Apple now provides an online storefront where you can purchase customized hardware configurations of your favorite Macintosh models. Provides information on Apple's latest products and also supplies software updates. Check out this site for the latest on Apple technology.



This site provides secure online shopping for Dell personal computer products. You can custom-configure a system and buy it online. The site also lets you search for information by type of user, as well as provides the standard corporate information. And, if you own a Dell computer, this site features excellent online technical support that can help you solve most of the problems you might encounter with it. Excellent site design and comprehensive information make this an easy best of the best selection.



Gateway's site is designed for easy navigation. The opening screen displays three basic options: At Home, At Work, and Support. If you're looking for a computer for your home or home-based business, click the At Home link and start shopping. Business users should click the At Work link to shop for computers and other products designed for business applications. You can configure and purchase a computer online from this site. The site also provides access to technical support and corporate information.

IBM Corporation


Here, you can reach all of IBM's myriad divisions from the home page. You can also read about IBM systems solutions via articles. Take online training courses, attend real-time seminars, or chat with people with similar interests. An extensive search engine is also provided for navigating this very large corporate site. Take advantage of IBM's Buy Today, Ship Today purchase program.



This site provides all the information you ever wanted to know about Intel's integrated circuits, and especially its latest processor. The site showcases software running on Intel-based hardware and hardware implementations, and it offers business opportunities as well as the standard technical support and news briefs.


Mac Design Online


Involved in the graphics industry? Mac Design is devoted to covering Macintosh graphics, multimedia, and Web issues specifically for Macs.



Game reviews, previews, interviews, editorials, and downloads for Macintosh games. Join an online discussion of your favorite Mac games and find deals and freebies.

Ultimate Mac


Named to several "Best of ..." reports because of the comprehensive approach to Macintosh information. For beginners and programmers alike, the Ultimate Macintosh provides answers to user questions, downloadable software, product and software reviews, and just about anything else you need to know about the Mac.




Online service that enables you to connect to and use your desktop computer from any Internet-connected computer in the world via a secure connection. If you frequently find yourself on the road without access to the programs and documents you need to survive, connect to this site to sign up for a free trial.

Microsoft Product Support Services


If you have a PC that runs any version of Windows and any other Microsoft product, such as Microsoft Office, bookmark this site. Here, you'll find a searchable knowledgebase where you can find answers to most of your technical support questions. Simply click the Search the Knowledgebase link, select the product that's giving you trouble, type a few key words that describe the problem, and click Go.

PC World


Get PC help, downloads, news about the most popular software, as well as reviews of the best PCs, accessories, and software.



Premium site for all topics related to Microsoft Windows and Windows applications. Take an online tutorial to learn a new skill, pick up some tips and tricks, and learn how to customize Windows with some tech-savvy tweaks. Excellent collection of downloadable shareware and updated drivers. When you want to learn more about your computer's operating system, this is the place to go.

Programming Languages



CNET maintains this resource dedicated to helping users build better Web sites. Topics include Web authoring and scripting, graphics, and design. User can download tools and participate in user forums.

HTML Goodies


Programmers will find the tutorials and primers a great start to learning more about various programming tools, including HTML, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, and CGI. Visitors can also ask questions of experts and search the site for more information.



Maintained by Sun Microsystems, this site is the official home of Java. Here, you will find the latest news and information about Java, downloads, tutorials, code samples, support, and much more. If you program in Java, you will definitely want to bookmark this site.

Linux Planet


Huge collection of information and resources about the Linux operating system. Here, you will find discussion groups, distributors, opinions, reports, reviews, and tutorials. If you're planning on ditching Windows and using Linux instead or if you are programming for Linux, check out this site before you proceed.

MSDN Online


Resources, downloads, magazines, and more are available at this comprehensive site. Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) is a resource site for programmers and developers. Links to additional information about .NET tech- nology.

Perl: CPAN Comprehensive Perl Archive Network


Comprehensive collection of links to the best Perl resources on the Web. Locate Perl source code, modules, and scripts; research documentation; and find answers to the most common questions.

Programmers' Heaven


Online resource for beginner to expert programmers. Download source code and files for various programming languages or order them on CD-ROM. You'll also find more than 1,200 links to programming-related sites. Subscribe to the mailing list to receive email updates.


Dr. Solomon


Learn more about Dr. Solomon's Virex product and then order it online.



Get new virus alerts at McAfee, as well as help buying, installing, and running its VirusScan software, as well as instruction in eliminating existing viruses on your system. Also features a searchable database of viruses, to help you determine if a virus warning is a hoax and to learn more about a particular virus and how to eliminate it from your computer.



Buy Norton AntiVirus here, learn about protecting your system from viruses and other threats, and download virus definition updates (if you own the program) .


Download Warehouse


Find a great selection of software to order and download. From business applications to fun and games, this site has a huge selection.



Download software for virtually any application—virus protection, productivity, multimedia, and more.

Network ICE Corporation


Protect your computer and files from potential hack attacks by downloading Black Ice Defender, a personal firewall. Tech support and customer service are also available on this site.



One of the largest, most popular shareware/freeware sites, Tucows features more than 30,000 software titles for the Macintosh operating system, Windows, Linux, OS/2, and others. Ranks, describes, and reviews each program in its collection. Here, you can find Internet programs, computer utilities, games, themes, multimedia players, and more.



WebAttack.com claims that it has the "world's largest Internet related software collection, with almost 5,000 titles in over 280 categories." This site is unique in that WebAttack.com reviews and rates all shareware that is submitted to its site before making it available to users. This site is nicely designed, easy to use, and provides excellent descriptions of the available software. WebAttack.com specializes in Windows-compatible software.


Family Tree Maker Online


An online genealogy library, genealogy lessons, columns featuring researching techniques, and tips on how to trace immigrant origins. Buy genealogy software and family archive CDs online.

International Data Group


Publisher of magazines such as ComputerWorld/InfoWorld, PC World, Network World, MacWorld, Channel World, and Specialty. Find links to each of these publications. Many feature software previews, reviews, and recommendations.

Laurie McCanna's Photoshop, Corel, Painter, and Paintshop Pro Tips


This site features tips and tutorials for Photoshop, Corel, Painter, and Paintshop Pro users. A multitude of examples for the applications that are offered.


AppleCare Technical Support


Apple Computer's technical support site features free downloads and patches and answers to common questions. Check out products and services, search the knowledgebase, download files, check out the discussion groups, or find online user manuals.

PC Pitstop


Have an automated technician check your PC for problems and help you optimize your system. PC Pitstop checks to see whether your computer is vulnerable to attacks from viruses or hackers, determines if the hard drive has enough space and is fast enough, checks the memory, reports on the speed of your Internet connection, and much more. Very cool tool for tuning up a PC.



Provides tips for using several software applications, including Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Word, Outlook, and Windows. Site enables users to submit questions to online "gurus" to have those questions answered.

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