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Sun ONE Directory Server 5.1 Configuration

The SVR4 packages that make up the Directory Server, Administration Server, and iPlanet Console, separate installation from configuration. That is, the software packages can be loaded without having to answer any configuration questions. After the packages are loaded, the software is placed in staging areas. These staging areas include:

  • /usr/iplanet/ds5

  • /usr/iplanet/admserv5.1

  • /usr/iplanet/console5.1

  • /etc/iplanet

Also installed is the /usr/sbin/directoryserver wrapper script, that is used to invoke the Directory Server, Administration Server, and Console setup program. For example:

# /usr/sbin/directoryserver setup

The setup parameter invokes the Directory Server setup program that asks several configuration questions. Upon completion, the /var/ds5 directory is created that contains the slapd-instance directory for the Directory Server instance that was just created.

A silent installation can be performed by first creating a silent install configuration file using the -k option, then using that file as input for subsequent installations. For example:

# /usr/sbin/directoryserver setup -k
-- configuration questions omitted --

The install.inf that is created can then be used for silent installations as shown:

# /usr/sbin/directoryserver setup -f /usr/iplanet/ds5/setup/install.inf 

To un-configure the Directory Server and Administration Server, the un-install option is specified. For example:

# /usr/sbin/directoryserver uninstall

Although the parameter is called uninstall, all the Directory Server software is not removed for the system. The /var/ds5/slapd-instance directory is removed, but the software contained in /usr/iplanet/ds5 remains, so subsequent configurations can be performed without reloading the SVR4 packages that make up the Directory Server.

Before discussing the Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 packaging and configuration, it is worth noting a couple of observations about the iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 implementation. These are:

  • The Administration services are configured and un-configured with the same setup program as the Directory services.

  • The /var/ds5 target directory is pre-defined. You do not have the option of specifying an alternative location.

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