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Sun ONE Portal Server and Lotus iNotes Integration Recipe

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This article describes a best-practices approach to integrating the latest version of Lotus iNotes with the Sun ONE Portal Server 6.0 software. This article covers Lotus iNotes configuration, advanced portal configuration, and how to coordinate both products so that they complement each other in a successful, secure-portal deployment. This article is intended for integrators, administrators, and Sun Professional Services personnel. You should have familiarity with portal administration before performing the procedure in this article.
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This article provides information that is pertinent to the successful integration of Lotus iNotes, and the Sun_ Open Net Environment (Sun_ ONE) Portal Server software 6.0. The information is provided in the form of a recipe where the integration requirements are stated up front, followed by the steps to achieve those requirements, and then a detailed explanation for each procedure. Best practice techniques and advice regarding common pitfalls are discussed.

This article is intended for integrators, portal administrators, and Sun Professional Services personnel.

You should have some familiarity with Portal 6 administration and configuration before attempting the recipe in this article.

How this Article is Organized

This article contains a single recipe used to integrate the Sun ONE Portal Server with the Lotus iNotes application. The recipe includes:

  • Ingredients – indicate what the overall recipe consists of. Ingredients might include a count or summarization of configuration changes, customizations, and required patches. The web browser version is listed for reference, but the recipe does not require a particular version of web browser.

  • What – summarizes the procedures you need to perform.

  • How – specifies the precise steps you must perform to accomplish necessary tasks.

  • Why – describes the significance and purpose of each procedure.

As in baking a cake, no ingredient can be left out, or the recipe will fail and the integration will be incomplete or might not work at all.


The Sun ONE Portal Server software is referred to as the portal server for the remainder of this article.

The Sun ONE Portal Server software was formerly known as the iPlanet_ Portal Server software.

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