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Power Connections for Redundancy and Grounding

The Sun Fire V1280 server will operate only from 200 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz power sources. Four grounded socket outlets must be located near the installation location and must remain easily accessible after the unit has been installed. The four grounded outlets should be connected to at least two dedicated branch circuits. Each branch circuit should connect to a separate pair of grounded socket outlets. The Sun Fire V1280 server is supplied with four detachable power supply cords fitted with wall plugs to mate with the local electrical socket outlets.

The Netra 1280 server also requires that the feed pairs be connected to two separate branch circuits. If a single branch circuit fails, the server will continue to function, provided that the power supplies on the remaining branch circuit are in service. All of the associated circuit breakers must be opened to completely remove power from the server.

The power supplies operate in a 2N AC or DC arrangement that can be hot-swapped. This means that there are two redundant power supplies—one for each independent power feed. For optimum redundancy, the power cords should be connected to independent branch circuits. If a branch circuit fails, the server will continue to function, provided that the power supplies on the remaining branch circuit are in service. A minimum of two power supplies is required for operation of the server. Power consumption will be shared between all power supply and cord combinations.

The system expects power supplies PS0 and PS1 to be on Source A and power supplies PS2 and PS3 to be on Source B. If power supply sources are connected in any other way, it will cause the LEDs on the front panel to show the incorrect status and make diagnosing a problem more difficult in the event of power failures. The SC manages all of the LEDs in the server, with the exception of the power supply LEDs, which are managed by the power supplies.

Power requirements, cord ratings, and consumption information are described in the Sun Fire V1280/Netra 1280 Site Preparation and Installation Guide.

The following figure shows how to connect the power cords to the independent branch circuits for optimum performance.

Figure 3FIGURE 3 Sun Fire V1280 Power and Ground Connections

There are two types of grounds: safety ground and chassis ground. For the Sun Fire V1280 server, the safety ground connection is always through the power cord. For the Netra 1280 server, the safety ground connection is provided by the two-hole connection on the DC inlet module. This connection must be present.

The Sun Fire V1280/Netra 1280 server chassis have a chassis grounding connection point to support the GR-1089 requirement for a local chassis grounding point. While use of this grounding point is optional, it is recommended that the chassis grounding connection be set up to link the chassis to a quiet ground for EMC grounding.

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