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Chapter 2, "Installing and Customizing the Notes Client," introduced the concept of bookmarks. In Release 6, Lotus continues to evolve the idea and implementation of bookmarks within the Notes client.

As we have briefly reviewed, Notes comes with several built-in folders and applications. Additionally, you can create your own folders to hold bookmarks, databases, documents, Web sites, and desktop applications. The folders that you create either can be at the top level on the Bookmark bar or can be embedded within other existing folders. After you create a folder, you can also change its icon, rename it, or delete it if you want to reorganize.

To create a bookmark folder, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click any folder bookmark on the Bookmark bar located on the left side of the Notes interface.

  2. Select New Folder. Figure 3.17 demonstrates what you should see when the Create Folder dialog box appears.

Figure 3.17Figure 3.17 You can create your own bookmark folders.

  1. Give the folder a name in the Folder Name field, and navigate to the parent folder where you want your new folder to appear. If you want your new folder to appear on the Bookmark bar, highlight the top line, titled Folders.

  2. Click OK.

To remove a bookmark folder, simply right-click it and select Remove Folder. To rename the folder, right-click it and select Rename Folder. You can also drag and drop bookmarks from one folder to another folder.

In the Databases folder you will also find a special bookmark called Workspace. If you click this bookmark, Notes opens the familiar 4.x workspace.

As you can see in Figure 3.18, a bookmark folder called Workspace Tab 1 is automatically created. This can give you the false impression that bookmarks are somehow synchronized with the workspace. They are not synchronized. When you create new bookmarks, they are not automatically placed on your workspace; when you create new icons in your workspace, they also are not automatically placed in a related bookmark folder. The Workspace Tab 1 folder is created when you first set up your workstation, but after that you can customize its contents.

Figure 3.18Figure 3.18 The Notes 4.x workspace is still available.

With Release 5, some users found themselves using the workspace instead of bookmarks. For some users, the workspace was just more comfortable; others found the bookmarks difficult to navigate and use. To integrate the best of bookmarks with the workspace, Lotus has added the capability to open any bookmark folder as a workspace. To open any folder as a workspace, right-click the folder and select Open as Workspace.

This new feature will most likely move even the most diehard workspace users to bookmarks. You can see in Figure 3.19 that the Replicate indictor for the workspace is now located in the lower-right corner of the database icon instead of the upper-right corner, as within the traditional workspace.

Figure 3.19Figure 3.19 Any folder can be opened in a workspace.

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