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"Language Enhancers" for C# (and Others?)

Meanwhile, to ease development, C# users will get their own new "language enhancers," including generics, iterators, anonymous methods, and partial types.

Already proposed for Java programming, generics is a technology for developing code that can be reused without impacting application performance, according to Microsoft.

Iterators, on the other hand, are constructs meant to automate previously manual coding tasks, such as implementation of enumerator patterns. Iterators are already used in some other programming languages, including CLU, Icon, and Slather.

Whidbey's anonymous methods will be similar to those found in the Lisp and Python languages. These language constructs are supposed to let you "create code blocks that can be encapsulated and executed at a later time," according to Microsoft.

Partial types, on the other hand, originated during internal software development at Microsoft, Bixhorn contended. Using partial types, you can split source code into multiple source files and then combine user-written and machine-generated parts of a "type" to gain faster development.

Microsoft might decide in the future to roll over these "language enhancers" into other editions of Whidbey as well, Bixhorn said. Generics, for example, will appear in both the C++ and J# editions, according to the initial release of Microsoft's product roadmap.

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