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EnC Is Back—but in All Versions?

Whidbey also marks the return of edit-and-continue (EnC), a feature for modifying and testing source code without stopping and restarting a debugging session.

"Edit-and-continue will definitely be in the VB version. Beyond that, though, we're not sure. We'll be updating the roadmap several times before Whidbey comes out," Bixhorn said in an interview.

Some C++, C#, and J# developers have already been vocal in insisting that they want EnC, too. "Will the VB.NET users (be) the only ones who will benefit (from) the edit-and-continue feature? Will MS extend that feature to C# and J# languages? I don't want to switch back to VB, but I will if VB will be the only language that will support that feature," wrote one developer, in an Internet news group.

Other Microsoft officials have acknowledged that decisions such as this one partly depend on whether a feature can be readied across multiple editions in time for Whidbey's scheduled release date.

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