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Section 2.12: Update Private Interconnect Addresses on All Cluster Nodes

On each cluster node, confirm the IP Addresses assigned to the private intereconnects, and update the hosts file to reflect the actual configuration.

Step 2.12.1

On each cluster node, identify and record the IP address assignments for each private interface, as indicated:

# grep ip_address /etc/cluster/ccr/infrastructure

cluster.nodes.1.adapters.1.properties.ip_address xxx.xx.x.xxx
cluster.nodes.1.adapters.2.properties.ip_address xxx.xx.x.x
cluster.nodes.2.adapters.1.properties.ip_address xxx.xx.x.xxx 
cluster.nodes.2.adapters.2.properties.ip_address xxx.xx.x.x

Step 2.12.2

Update /etc/inet/hosts to reflect the IP addresses assigned for each of the private interconnects, on each cluster node, as indicated in the codebox, below.

Next, verify that each cluster node is configured, as indicated in the following example (clustnode1):

root@clustnode1# more /etc/inet/hosts

. . . {{output omitted}}. . .

xxx.xxx.xx.xxx clustnode1 loghost clustnode1.some.com
xxx.xxx.xx.xxx clustadm 
xxx.xxx.xx.xxx clustnode2
xxx.xxx.xx.xxx tc nhl-tc
xxx.xxx.xx.xxx lh-hanfs

{{verify the private interconnect addresses are correct}}

xxx.xx.x.xxx clustnode1-priv-a
xxx.xx.x.x clustnode1-priv-b
xxx.xx.x.xxx clustnode2-priv-a
xxx.xx.x.x clustnode2-priv-b


The entries must be unique, and must not conflict with any other host names in the domain.

Step 2.12.3

For local (manual) procedures, delete the patches that were temporarily copied to the first cluster node (clustnode1), under /opt/PATCHES/CLUSTER3.0U3. These patches are no longer required.

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