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Section 2.5: Verify the Install Mode is Enabled

Step 2.5.1

The first cluster node is rebooted, after successful installation of Sun Cluster software and patches have been applied. In the example below, we verify that "Cluster install mode" is enabled on the first cluster node, prior to installing each additinal cluster node and establishing a cluster quorum. The first cluster node will be used to "sponsor" the additional nodes, as they are configured for operation within the cluster.


For this two-node cluster, the "Cluster install mode" will be disabled and reset after a quorum device is configured and a valid cluster quorum is established.

On the first cluster node, enter the following:

root@clustnode1# scconf -p

Cluster name:                       nhl
Cluster ID:                         0x3D90B985
Cluster install mode:               enabled
Cluster private net:      
Cluster private netmask:  
Cluster new node authentication:    unix
Cluster new node list:              clustnode1 clustnode2
Cluster nodes:                      clustnode1

Cluster node name:                 clustnode1
 Node ID:                          1
 Node enabled:                     yes
 Node private hostname:            clusternode1-priv
 Node quorum vote count:           1
 Node reservation key:             0x3D90xxxxxxxxxxxx
 Node transport adapters:          qfe0 qfe4

 Node transport adapter:           qfe0
  Adapter enabled:                 no
  Adapter transport type:          dlpi
  Adapter property:                device_name=qfe
  Adapter property:                device_instance=0
  Adapter property:                dlpi_heartbeat_timeout=10000

  Adapter property:                dlpi_heartbeat_quantum=1000
  Adapter property:                nw_bandwidth=80
  Adapter property:                bandwidth=10
  Adapter port names:              <NULL>

 Node transport adapter:           qfe4
  Adapter enabled:                 no

{{..........output omitted.........}}
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